Jun Wu

Mixture of Creative Narcissism

Entering Early Mid-Life Crisis

I believe this could the start of mid-life crisis.

I quit my job. I have no income. I am not studying.

When my friends or relatives asked about what am I doing, I don’t even have a clue on how to answer them.

This could be a very confusing time. If I see it that way.

But it can also be a very exciting time. I’m excited about all the uncertainty. Excited about following my dreams.

Instead of letting my soul dies in the routine of 9 to 5, I now can work on my passion 24/7.

One problem though. Procrastination.

I guess discipline is very important when freedom is gained. Really not a good time to abuse all the freedom I enjoy at the moment.


The reversible top ten weaknesses of mine.

I never knew my limitations. Ignore my weaknesses.

Until recently.

I realized avoiding my loopholes doesn’t make me stronger but weaker.

I do not appeared tougher, but cowardice.

Therefore, I took some time to understand what it is that I lacked, and make a list on how to improve.

1. Focus. No more multitasking.

2. Regain more discipline.

3. Stop providing excuses.

4. Minimize snoozing.

5. Re-establish connections.

6. Less skeptical about networking.

7. Listen. And try to understand.

8. Practice and practice.

9. Minimize arguments.

10. Stop procrastinating.

I used to think that revealing my weaknesses will make me vulnerable, but not today.

To improve, first we need to understand our weaknesses.

Then we need to admit those weaknesses.

And lastly, change. One step at a time.

Dear, Bad Customer Service.

Not getting the attention you needed even if you asked several times?

Being treated as if you are not going to pay?

Discriminated because you are a local instead of foreigner?

Eager to leave but your food still haven’t arrived after 45 minutes?

When you enquired, the waiter answered as if he is the boss and you are the waiter?

Food tastes as shitty as the waiters’ attitude?

That’s you, lousy customer service. And welcome the epidemic of bad customer service in our country.

Now, I would not generalize that all outlet is serving this kind of fucked up attitude on their plate.

Because there are really some outlets that provide excellent service.

But for those that aren’t, better be prepared to vanish and perish.

In this competitive market, your service is what differentiate you from your competition.

If you can’t be nice to us who actually pay you, don’t pride yourself.

I know, as a customer, there is nothing much we can do actually.

But we can always stand up, leave and never come back.


Unsatisfied Nice Customer


*applicable to governmental services as well. We paid taxes.


Nostalgia watching 那些年,我們一起追的女孩.

Just watched the recent Taiwanese romance, You are the Apple of My Eye.

Really brings back a lot of memories and nostalgic feelings. Thou the story may differ from people to people, I believe most of us have memories that we could relate with in the movie.

Memories of our high school friends. Memories of our crush. Our life as a high school students. Those were certainly the days I missed.

In the past, we used to wish growing up and enter adult life. Earning money and taking more responsibility in life. When I was younger, I wished the same thing too.

But now looking back, sometimes I wished my life as a student could slow down a little more.

For those who are still studying, instead of rushing time doing homeworks, studying or taking extra classes, spend more of your school life building a beautiful memories with your friends. No doubt good grades are essential, but living at the moment and a few crazy memories definitely worth a few As.

For those who started working, like me, take sometime and reflect on the lessons we learn. Don’t regret on mistakes you did, but learn from it.

Remember friends from the past and take time to reconnect with them.  And I mean real connection, not those social media connection.

And once in a while, think of those time when you were young and naive.

I believe it will put a smile on your face.

Bite of Doughnut.

Our life could be so hectic. Mostly due to work.

Or most probably due to creative burn out.

When you thought there is nothing else you can create, you stuck.

Can’t write. Can’t draw. Staring at the blank canvas.

Like I do.

And if time like this happen, give yourself a break.

No point keep forcing yourself against the wall. You would only knock your head.

Step back. Take a sit. And have a bite of doughnut.

After a few bites, the wall will crumble by itself.


Free ebook: American Gods by Neil Gaiman

I love reading. Thou most of the books I read came from the non-fiction shelves, there is one author whose work I could never miss.

Neil Gaiman.

And my favourite novel is none other than American Gods.

Since today is Neil Gaiman’s birthday, here is a free ebook of American Gods.

For those who love story with dark humour, endless of imagination and a twist at the end would love this book.

To show you how obsessed I was, I had read this book more than 6 times. And it isn’t 20 pages thick.

Anyway, read it if you love reading. Give it try and let me know what you think.

It’s free anyway.

Jewels of Life, Family

Went back home the previous days for my mum’s birthday.

It was nice to be back. Home is definitely the most comfy place on earth, no matter how messy it could be.

I wonder how many of you think this way too?

For me, a home isn’t defined neither by the space or design of your house. It isn’t defined by the number of Xbox consoles you have or how big is the screen of your television sets.

For me, my family is my home.

I can’t claimed to be a family-guy. I love venturing and try to keep attachment as low as possible.

But still, I appreciate the indulgence of having a family. A sanctuary. A place I could shelter myself.

Family have different meanings for different people.

It could be your parents, your grandparents, siblings, friends or even cats. Somewhere deep down, we knew who we can count on when we are at our lowest. And that is none other than our family.

Unfortunately, there could be times when we neglected this family of ours. Maybe we are too busy or just not in the mood to reconnect.

An unanswered phone call, a cancelled appointment, or a family visit rescheduled. All these could be very hurtful to those who truly love us.

And remember, no one lives forever, and not everyone has the chance to say goodbye.

Therefore, pay your family a short visit, for a dinner maybe. If that is not possible, a simple phone call would be great.

This may seem trivial, but it could mean the world for those who love you.