Jewels of Life, Family

by JunWu

Went back home the previous days for my mum’s birthday.

It was nice to be back. Home is definitely the most comfy place on earth, no matter how messy it could be.

I wonder how many of you think this way too?

For me, a home isn’t defined neither by the space or design of your house. It isn’t defined by the number of Xbox consoles you have or how big is the screen of your television sets.

For me, my family is my home.

I can’t claimed to be a family-guy. I love venturing and try to keep attachment as low as possible.

But still, I appreciate the indulgence of having a family. A sanctuary. A place I could shelter myself.

Family have different meanings for different people.

It could be your parents, your grandparents, siblings, friends or even cats. Somewhere deep down, we knew who we can count on when we are at our lowest. And that is none other than our family.

Unfortunately, there could be times when we neglected this family of ours. Maybe we are too busy or just not in the mood to reconnect.

An unanswered phone call, a cancelled appointment, or a family visit rescheduled. All these could be very hurtful to those who truly love us.

And remember, no one lives forever, and not everyone has the chance to say goodbye.

Therefore, pay your family a short visit, for a dinner maybe. If that is not possible, a simple phone call would be great.

This may seem trivial, but it could mean the world for those who love you.