Nostalgia watching 那些年,我們一起追的女孩.

by JunWu

Just watched the recent Taiwanese romance, You are the Apple of My Eye.

Really brings back a lot of memories and nostalgic feelings. Thou the story may differ from people to people, I believe most of us have memories that we could relate with in the movie.

Memories of our high school friends. Memories of our crush. Our life as a high school students. Those were certainly the days I missed.

In the past, we used to wish growing up and enter adult life. Earning money and taking more responsibility in life. When I was younger, I wished the same thing too.

But now looking back, sometimes I wished my life as a student could slow down a little more.

For those who are still studying, instead of rushing time doing homeworks, studying or taking extra classes, spend more of your school life building a beautiful memories with your friends. No doubt good grades are essential, but living at the moment and a few crazy memories definitely worth a few As.

For those who started working, like me, take sometime and reflect on the lessons we learn. Don’t regret on mistakes you did, but learn from it.

Remember friends from the past and take time to reconnect with them.  And I mean real connection, not those social media connection.

And once in a while, think of those time when you were young and naive.

I believe it will put a smile on your face.