Dear, Bad Customer Service.

by JunWu

Not getting the attention you needed even if you asked several times?

Being treated as if you are not going to pay?

Discriminated because you are a local instead of foreigner?

Eager to leave but your food still haven’t arrived after 45 minutes?

When you enquired, the waiter answered as if he is the boss and you are the waiter?

Food tastes as shitty as the waiters’ attitude?

That’s you, lousy customer service. And welcome the epidemic of bad customer service in our country.

Now, I would not generalize that all outlet is serving this kind of fucked up attitude on their plate.

Because there are really some outlets that provide excellent service.

But for those that aren’t, better be prepared to vanish and perish.

In this competitive market, your service is what differentiate you from your competition.

If you can’t be nice to us who actually pay you, don’t pride yourself.

I know, as a customer, there is nothing much we can do actually.

But we can always stand up, leave and never come back.


Unsatisfied Nice Customer


*applicable to governmental services as well. We paid taxes.