The reversible top ten weaknesses of mine.

by JunWu

I never knew my limitations. Ignore my weaknesses.

Until recently.

I realized avoiding my loopholes doesn’t make me stronger but weaker.

I do not appeared tougher, but cowardice.

Therefore, I took some time to understand what it is that I lacked, and make a list on how to improve.

1. Focus. No more multitasking.

2. Regain more discipline.

3. Stop providing excuses.

4. Minimize snoozing.

5. Re-establish connections.

6. Less skeptical about networking.

7. Listen. And try to understand.

8. Practice and practice.

9. Minimize arguments.

10. Stop procrastinating.

I used to think that revealing my weaknesses will make me vulnerable, but not today.

To improve, first we need to understand our weaknesses.

Then we need to admit those weaknesses.

And lastly, change. One step at a time.