I’m a nobody.

Not a famous blogger, not a Youtube sensation. Not some marketing guru or business consultant. Too short to be a movie star and not enough talent to be a musician. I haven’t written a bestselling book or directed a blockbuster movie. I don’t have million of followers at Twitter and worst of all, I am fucking broke. I am a nobody, simply me.

But I am interesting. If you had read this far, I believe you do have a genuine interest in what I write.

My name is Jun. Coming from a small town of Ipoh, located in a tropical peninsular of Malaysia. Freshly graduated with a degree in Graphic Communication and still trying to figure out what lies ahead of me.

I’m an idealist, a story teller and a creative wannabe. An ebook junkie and torrents addict. I have a goal of becoming a millionaire by the age of 30 and I believe this world isn’t a zero sum game.

Doing what I love is what I want to do in life.