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Paradox of my Belief

I believe. Everyone believes.

I mean there must be something that you really believe in.

Something that you believed so strongly that you are unwilling to accept or listen to contradictory opinions.

Having a strong believe is important. It defines who we are. It keeps us from heading off tracks.

My belief is very simple, ‘Change is important.’

I know this may sound paradoxical, but that is something I really believe in.

I believed that we need to adapt according to changes in life. The need for survival.

Changes could mean new knowledge, or different way of viewing life.

Changes could mean new action, or taking different routes.

Changes could mean new people, or developing new relationship.

Our world is a random place, therefore we need to adapt with changes.

The only route to survival.


Lina Beauty

Lina was 32 years old. And she was single.

Her self-esteem started to decline as she felt older. She realised her wrinkles started to show. To keep herself beautiful, she spend more on beauty products. She even planned a plastic surgery.

Eventually, she became a workaholic. She spend lesser time to enjoy her meal and used those time to gain more clients. She failed to allocate times for her friends and family, and relationship became distant.

With less than 4 hours of sleep every night, she would look terrible in the morning. And her reflection saddened her every time she looked at it in the morning.

On the night before her plastic surgery, she was alone in her apartment. She faced the mirror again.

And she wondered,  “Why do I feel lonely?”

She didn’t get the answer.

The next morning, she was hesitant about the surgery. But she went in anyway.

Her doctor appeared to be a charming young man, slightly younger than her. The fact that he was good-looking caused Lina to feel self-aware.

The young doctor took a good look at her while she shyly glanced away.

“I don’t think this is what you need,” with a smile the doctor said. “You look beautiful.”

Lina was rendered speechless. Those words stroke her heart.

She understand deeply now. It wasn’t her look that caused all those insecurities. It was her soul.

What she needed was a simple confirmation from someone, anyone.

She left the clinic that day, with a satisfied smile on her face, her unaltered face.

The next morning, she woke up after a fulfilling sleep. She was giggling at her own reflection while brushing her teeth.

And then, the phone rang.

” I got your number from the patient’s info. Hope you don’t mind I call…” the familiar voice said.

Story of Bob

There was a Bob.

Bob loved his family. He worked extra hours everyday so that he could earn enough to bring his family for a vacation around Europe. He assumed that would make his family happy.

He worked on weekends. He worked at home.

He wasn’t there for her wife during the birth of his second child. He missed his son’s football games. Only once a week or two he would have dinner with his family. But occasionally, Bob would buy stuffs to keep his family happy.

One week before his promotion, he was diagnosed with cancer, with only three months to live. He still can’t afford the Europe vacation.

What happened to Bob in the end?

He died.

But before he passed away, he quitted his job. He spent time doing things he wish he could have done before.

He would bring his family for small trips every Friday, jungle trekking, picnic or sometimes, just a simple jog around the park. He and his son Charles would go fishing every weekends and they would talk.

And he developed an interest in cooking while preparing meals with his wife everyday.

Bob lived for 5 more years. Before cancer took his life, he managed to open a restaurant with his Europe trip savings and it grew popular among the locals. His wife runs the restaurant now, and it is a steady income for his family after his death.

Bob and his family had never been to Europe. But his last five years was the happiest moments in his family.

The best part of all, hung high at the wall of their living room, was a picture of a proud father with his son in graduation robe. Charles graduated one year before Bob left.

Bob never had a broader smile in his life.

What is your passion?

Lately, I’d been helping my girlfriend to design her architectural report.

It takes a lot of my times and efforts.

And I’m willing to do it for free.

Not because I love her (thou I do).

But because I love doing it. I love designing.

I could wake up early in the morning to do it.

I don’t mind sacrificing my weekends or holiday to do it.

It is one of my many passions.

Do you have something you don’t mind doing for free? Even if it costs times and efforts?

Blogging maybe?

That is most probably your passion.

Keep it and keep doing it.

* Share your passion with me at the comment session. It can be very inspirational.

The Productivity of Day Dreaming

Do you day dream?

I remember, during my high school classes, I always day dream. Whenever the teacher started speaking, and if it was not interesting enough to capture my attention, I would look out my class and let my imagination ran wild. Usually after that, I would have some inspirations or ideas, and started sketching on my textbooks or notebooks.

When we were young, we were taught not to day dream. We were told it was a waste of time. It is counter productive. That is why people nowadays like to work, doing stuffs. They keep themselves busy and hectic, trying to race against time.

But ideas or creativity can’t be generated through a hectic mind. Your mind needs space to think and imagine. When we are day dreaming, that is when our mind becomes active, instead of our body.

I still have this habit of day dreaming. Sometimes in my car while I’m driving (which is not advisable) or sometimes I would just sit there like an idiot (which is also not advisable).

But next time, if you find yourself stuck or ran out of ideas, take a time off. Look at the ceiling or outside the window and just let your mind flows. Don’t constrain it. And the ideas will slowly creep in.

By then, most probably you would jump and yell “Eureka”, and freak everyone else who is sitting beside you.

Light of Emotion.

Anger means lost of control.

Anger means weakness.

Anger is impulsive.

Anger is irrational.

Anger causes misunderstanding.

Anger causes conflicts.

Anger ruins relationship.

Anger ruins your health.

Next time, whenever you felt like bursting into anger, count to 10.

Then you would realise, once our thoughts are clear, being angry is the last thing we want.

But we are still human anyway.

The first step to manage your emotion is to accept it is perfectly fine to have those emotions.

Emotion is what makes us feel alive.

Live your life positively, emotionally. Happy Diwali.

Key to Failure

” …the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” 

When was the last time you don’t give a fuck?

Yep. I’ve said the word, fuck.

I can’t remember when I started not to worry about not fitting in. Not worry about being the one left out. Enjoy being the outcast.

So many of us try to live our life by fitting into other people’s life. We try to please everyone, worry to offend anyone. We live by the rule. We stay within the norm…Even when we feel like doing otherwise.


I’m not talking about rebel with no cause or going against everything without any rational. No.

I’m talking about doing what you want without worrying about how the world view you. I’m talking about standing up for your right even if it means to offend certain party.

In life, we do need to give a ‘ fuck ‘ once in a while to be successful, and it is called responsibility and empathy.

Else than that, it simply means you are screwed, by the social norm you tried so hard to fit in.